Englewood strives to offer the same invitation Christ offered – “Whosoever will may come.” Therefore we welcome all who wish to join us on our faith journey as we embrace diversity including gender, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and socio-economic status.
Englewood receives outstanding community service award from Missouri Association for Community Action.
Prayer & Meditation Labyrinth
Englewood members volunteer at Hillcrest Thrift Store during our Mission Trip to Kansas City.
Caring Englewood volunteers serve in our community.
Our breezeway offers a welcoming link to the sanctuary, church offices, memorial garden and meditation labyrinth.
Members of the Englewood sewing group make blankets for hospice patients and items for new mothers.
Loving adults teach our youth and children about our faith.

From the Pastors

From Dream to Dream Come True

Recently Pastor Mark Buhlig shared thoughts about a future in which the people of God at Englewood will build on the work of those who have come before us by 1) consolidating into one building on our church campus, 2) expanding our food pantry through the origination of a nonprofit, and 3) transforming our grounds into a life-sustaining community garden.

Right now, this is just a dream inspired by what members have shared about their vision for Englewood's future. To begin moving from dream to reality, we will start with community conversations so that all who would like to help shape Englewood's future can participate.

In December you will receive a vision paper describing the three elements proposed above, which will be the starting point for our conversations.

From January through March, we begin a study of the book Starting a Nonprofit at Your Church, by Joy Skjegstad, which is designed to take congregations like ours through the process of discerning whether a nonprofit is right for them and, if so, how it should function.

This will be a time to consider the use of our buildings as well. For some, change is exciting; for some, change is frightening. But we can't avoid change. As with the seasons, change is inevitable. We can, however, thoughtfully and prayerfully manage change and, together, we will do just that.

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Food Pantry News

Our food pantry continues to be
very busy and donations are
always welcome!

We are a small congregation,
with an average of around 35 people in services on Sunday mornings.
Yet the generosity and lovingkindness
of our church members
reaches so many people in need.

We are grateful to all of the individuals and organizations who contribute to this vital ministry throughout the year.
If you would like to support
the food pantry, please
contact the church office.

In 2014, we served 762 families, consisting of 2,246 individuals.

Below are the monthly
totals for last year:
• Jan: 68 families, 207 individuals
• Feb: 67 families, 179 individuals
• Mar: 58 families, 168 individuals
• Apr: 46 families, 138 individuals
• May: 36 families, 104 individuals
• June: 81 families, 239 individuals
• July: 75 families, 222 individuals
• Aug: 56 families, 155 individuals
• Sept: 70 families, 206 individuals
• Oct: 73 families, 234 individuals
• Nov: 77 families, 220 individuals
• Dec: 55 families, 174 individuals

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Englewood News

January 18
Communion Sunday

Mark Buhlig: "Jesus: the Full Possibility of the Goodness of Creation," Mark I:4-11
Ongoing Discussions
Join us at 6:00PM, in the conference room for a conversation about the use of our buildings and the potential for creating a new nonprofit organization to sustain our food pantry and a community garden on our grounds.

January 25
Robin Sandbothe: "Jesus Fulfills the Law and the Prophets," John 1:43-51
Ongoing Discussions
Join us at 6:00PM, in the conference room for continued conversations about future possibilities for our church.

February 1
Martha Stearns Marshall Sunday

EBC Intern Abby Bland: "Jesus Proclaims the Good News," Mark 1:14-20
Souper Bowl Sunday
Bring $1 and a can of soup to church on February 1st. The soup will be donated to our food pantry and the $1 will be sent to Baptist World Alliance for World Hunger.
Ongoing Discussions
After worship, join us for lunch as we continue conversations about Englewood's future.

February 8
Mark Buhlig: "Jesus Teaches as One with Authority," Mark 1:21-28
Ongoing Discussions
After worship, join us for lunch as we continue conversations about Englewood's future.

February 15
Communion/Transfiguration Sunday
Cynthia Saddler: "Jesus, God's Beloved: Listen to Him," Mark 9:2-9

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