Englewood strives to offer the same invitation Christ offered – “Whosoever will may come.” Therefore we welcome all who wish to join us on our faith journey as we embrace diversity including gender, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and socio-economic status.
Englewood receives outstanding community service award from Missouri Association for Community Action.
Prayer & Meditation Labyrinth
Englewood members volunteer at Hillcrest Thrift Store during our Mission Trip to Kansas City.
Caring Englewood volunteers serve in our community.
Our breezeway offers a welcoming link to the sanctuary, church offices, memorial garden and meditation labyrinth.
Members of the Englewood sewing group make blankets for hospice patients and items for new mothers.
Loving adults teach our youth and children about our faith.

From the Pastors

Farm News
Successful farming, so it seems, depends on timing (among other things). The Sunday after we planted the orchard, I encouraged us to begin to pray like farmers. By that I meant that we should pray that the rain would fall at the right time and in the right amounts. Oh, my. Since our planting, the sky has been generous. As of now, we have not had to water our trees or plants. We know it won’t be so all summer, but for now, we gratefully accept that which we have received.

It was a big push to get the beds built and the orchard planted. Since then I have been catching my breath and considering what we should do next. My first thoughts are these: I think we could consider a few more garden beds. Perhaps not the large, wicking beds that we started with, rather some shorter raised beds, shorter raised beds that would be filled with, in a matter of a few months, delicious, juicy, melons. Just a thought.

In addition, I would like us to become a bit more serious about our water collection. Just so you know, I will be looking for a grant that will help us capture water for our farm. According to our friends, Jim Pierce of Lincoln University Extension and Claire Zimmerman of Cultivate KC, grant opportunities are out there. Both Jim and Claire have been generous with their time and knowledge. They clearly want to help us succeed.

Please continue to pray that our food efforts, both pantry and farm, will ease the burdens of those of us who engage and those with whom we engage.
--Pastor Mark Buhlig

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Food Pantry News

Food pantry donations are always welcome!

We are a small congregation,
with an average of around 35 people in services on Sunday mornings.
Yet the generosity and lovingkindness
of our church members
reaches so many people in need.

We are grateful to all of the individuals and organizations who contribute to this vital ministry throughout the year.
If you would like to support
the food pantry, please
contact the church office.

In 2014, we served 762 families, consisting of 2,246 individuals.

Below are the monthly
totals for last year:
• Jan: 68 families, 207 individuals
• Feb: 67 families, 179 individuals
• Mar: 58 families, 168 individuals
• Apr: 46 families, 138 individuals
• May: 36 families, 104 individuals
• June: 81 families, 239 individuals
• July: 75 families, 222 individuals
• Aug: 56 families, 155 individuals
• Sept: 70 families, 206 individuals
• Oct: 73 families, 234 individuals
• Nov: 77 families, 220 individuals
• Dec: 55 families, 174 individuals

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Englewood News

Volunteer Tuesdays
We are still at it, cleaning out closets, files, nooks and crannies. We have grown in numbers but don’t let that stop you from coming and joining us--the more the merrier and the quicker we get things done! We meet weekly at 9:00AM, and we aren’t doing work that requires strong backs and lifting at this point. There is still a lot to do that anyone can help with as we consolidate our church activities into one building. Come join us as we reorganize, enjoy one another’s company, talk about where we are going as a church, and celebrate the excitement about what has already happened!

Undies Sundays in June!
We are helping Clay County Clothes Closet fill their empty shelves by hosting “Undies Sundays.” The clothes closet is in need of underwear and socks (all sizes) for the over 2,000 families that they serve annually. The Clay County Clothes Closet depends entirely upon donations, with funding coming from churches, schools, individuals, service and charitable organizations. Since 1959, the Clothes Closet has furnished clothing FREE to Clay County residents in need, who are referred by social services, schools, churches, and also in emergency situations such as fire, flood, or loss of employment. The Clothes Closet has “No Paid Employees.” Over 6,000 hours are logged annually by volunteers representing many churches throughout Clay County.

June 21
Happy Father's Day!

Marsha Perkins preaching

June 28
Mark Buhlig preaching

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